Benefits of AMESPA and CAMPA

If you agree to the terms and conditions of AMESPA, and you are accepted to become a CAMPA physician, it means that you will be ...

- part of an organization of like minded physicians interested in improving the state of the world’s health.

- part of a powerful and steadily growing physician association oriented to practicing advanced methods of medicine and dedicated to learning the truth in medicine.

- placing emphasis on an integrative and preventive approach of treating chronic disease.

- providing highly effective medical treatments, some unique and ONLY available through you, as an AMESPA trained
CAMPA physician.

- participating in helping to establish the standards of performing many innovative and advanced medical
treatments, some of which have no current standard.

- practicing the most advanced forms of medicine, resulting in professional success and financial autonomy that always follows when you successfully help others.

- able to participate in the CAMPA marketing strategies and other initiatives, designed to inform the general public of
what CAMPA physicians are doing and have accomplished.

- able to participate in national cooperative publicity programs in order to achieve our desired results as an association at costs far less than if we attempted this as individuals.

- able to use the collective marketing strategy that has already been tested and proven to be successful based upon results of patient satisfaction, clinical results obtained and overall volume of new patients scheduling appointments.

- the featured physician who is actually video taped and introduced in the 6 videotape series entitled, “Know Your
Options, The Medical Series”, assuming you successfully complete the necessary requirements.

- introduced on the videos as one of the most innovative and leading physicians in the country. Your accomplishments,
credentials and education will be highlighted with special emphasis placed on your training, motivation and desire to
become a CAMPA physician.

- established as a physician specifically trained in helping patients with particular medical issues covered in the videos, which you will effectively learn how to during the course.

- able to personally benefit from the confidence instilled within the patient after having watched the tapes, and that
confidence transferred directly to you, the CAMPA physician.

- able to utilize the next generation of “word of mouth” advertising, the most effective of all marketing strategies,
that requires virtually no effort on your or your staff’s part.

- experiencing a patient load that will have you booked out a minimum of 2 to 4 months with new patients within one year of implementing the information taught in the course.

- able to save hundreds of hours of time explaining important basic integrative medical concepts necessary for patients to achieve health but ignored by traditional medicine.

- able to enjoy certain buying power and privileges few other physicians will experience.

- part of a medical association that will have legislative power, political clout, and will take a proactive stance in the
governmental and regulatory process.

- able to have access to strong professional services including the most aggressive and proactive legal counsel and
representation should you ever come under attack.

- associated with a strong growing medical association, which in itself provides protection from medical boards since
usually only the physicians that are “loners” are persecuted.

- eligible for a number of other fantastic benefits you will learn about at the end of the first day of the Centers for Advanced Medicine Physician Training Program.

- adhering to the philosophy that we are most concerned with benefiting our patients, our staff and our families. Anything that does not contribute to these goals, is lower priority.

- part of the first and so far, only exclusive physician association such as this in the world.


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